In Phenom Metaverse, you can not only make money trading NFTs, but also create your own digital art galleries, put together exhibitions and auctions, team up and collaborate with other collectors.
Your own
digital avatar
In Phenom Metaverse, you can be whoever you want, which means you can be yourself!
Use a special tool to create your perfect NFT avatar. Change your appearance, increase your rating and express yourself without boundaries!
Create, Buy
and Sell NFTs
NFT is the art of the future! It is easy to become a creator of digital art objects on our platform. And most importantly to earn money by buying and selling NFTs. After all, the value of the work will only grow over time. Don't miss the opportunity to become a pioneer in the NFT world!
NFT galleries
Phenom Metaverse is not a typical marketplace where thousands of NFTs gather dust for months without attention or benefit. This is a whole complex of thematic galleries that present NFT collections in a favorable light.
Personal exhibitions
Feel like a real art dealer at Phenom Metaverse! Collect exclusive collections and invite other users to solo exhibitions. Your event = your rules!
Your space
Phenom Metaverse is a whole virtual world where there is a place for everyone. Find yours and become an official resident of the metaverse. Develop and monetize your personal space where there are no boundaries for ideas and plans!
Keep tokens, participate in polls and get regular income.
Advertising revenue
The most powerful fundraising method works flawlessly even within the metaverse. Share space with advertisers and get the rewards you deserve.
Your avatar's best friend and faithful partner in the metaverse!
Create and transform a digital animal, play and compete with other users‘ pets, take care of your pet and give it new skills.
Your status and rating in the Phenom Metaverse, which you can show to other users. Reputation is beautiful!
You can do a lot in Phenom Metaverse. Together we can do anything!
Create teams with other users, combine efforts and skills, develop your business and earn even more!
The last word is yours! Participate in polls to influence the development vector of the Phenom Metaverse and adapt the universe to your own needs
Freely accept and send Phenom Metaverse tokens to other users!
P2P transactions
Phenom Metaverse is a digital universe where we drift on a giant space station. All grandiose ideas are born here and even the most incredible plans are realized. Welcome!
Space station
The central hall of the space station, where top events and large-scale meetings in the metaverse are held. Here users and their avatars can meet, hang out, communicate and much more.
Main hall
The space station has 5 special rooms for negotiations, conferences, meetings, team building and other work processes. One of the rooms remains at the disposal of the entire Phenom Metaverse community, and four of them are available for purchase or rent by users.
Conference halls
A place for interactive and gaming events, where you can have fun and earn tokens.
Game room
A multimedia room for showcasing, buying and selling NFTs. Here users have a space for placing collections and holding exhibitions at their disposal.
NFT gallery
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